Veiled Chameleon Scratchboard

Posted by Justin C. on November 28, 2019 · 2 mins read Category: Art Tags: veiled-chameleon , scratchboard

This work was my first attempt at working with scratchboard. In hindsight, I probably chose a subject that was too ambitious for my first go. I’ve been working on this piece off and on for several years. After a few hours here and there over a large span of time, it’s finally complete!

My subject for this piece was a beautiful photograph of a Veiled Chameleon taken by Macrojunkie who has a lot of great macro photography on DeviatArt. I would like to personally thank Macrojunkie for providing such beautiful and inspirational imagery.

Veiled Chameleon yemen 5 by macrojunkie on DeviantArt Low Quality Color Print of “Veiled Chameleon yemen 5” by macrojunkie on DeviantArt

This chameleon photo has a great deal of contrast with lots of fine detail that I anticipated could be capture nicely with scratchboard. After staring at this photo for many many hours, I’m still impressed by the depth and texture in this little creatures scales.


Project started in late 2015. I quickly realize how tedious this project was going to be. The initial focus was mostly on the outline and proportions.

Chameleon 2015


In 2016, I made lots of tiny scales.

Chameleon 2016

Death by a Thousand Scratches

Death by a Thousand Scratches 2


Chameleon 2017 1

Chameleon 2017 2

Chameleon 2017 3

Chameleon 2017 4


No progress was made during 2018 due to a deployment.


The chameleon’s eye was the last piece I tackled and it was by far the most tedious and complicated.

Veiled Chameleon Scratchboard In-Progress

Finishing the chameleon’s eye.

Finished Piece

Veiled Chameleon Scratch Board

Framed Chameleon