Elemental Stone Replicas

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Part 5 – Priming and Painting the Stones

The stones were now assembled and I was eager to begin painting. Before paining however I decided to seal the entire outer surface of the stones using Mod Podge. I wanted to make the foam surface less porous and reduce the amount of paint that was going to get absorbed into the foam. This technique worked well and it also gave the stones a much firmer feeling when held in your hand. In my earlier test of the electronics I realized the white foam allowed a great deal of LED light out across the entire stone body. I didn’t want the entire stone glowing so I chose to first prime the stones with a dark tan color to reduce the amount of light that was bleeding through the sides. Next, I applied a lighter sandy color over the dark primer.

The main paint was also applied in several layers. I started with a base color that was as close to movie authentic as possible. I then added slight variations of the base color to create a more natural “stony” feel. The symbol grooves were inset with a very dark grayish tan. As the final paint step I used shadow and highlight effects to create the illusion of cracks, blemished, and other wear marks.

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