Elemental Stone Replicas

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Part 2a – Prototyping the Electronic Internals

After the stone bodies were prepped, I spent a couple of days tinkering and prototyping the internal electronics. I decided that each stone would have a main power switch, three multi-colored LEDs, and an internal ball tilt switch to change the LED mode. The LEDs have an element mode, a rainbow mode, a disco mode, and high/med/low lamp mode.

I don’t own an actual AVR programmer so throughout this project I was using one of my many Arduino Nano boards as an ISP programmer to get my code onto the ATTiny85 chips. You can see the programming headers I added to the water stones main board. I didn’t like this arrangement and that is why I chose to make the microprocessor removable in the other three stones. Overall I was very please with how well the Arduino Nano worked as a programmer. I’ll probably continue ising this setup for future projects.

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